All the Birds Fly Home (Live) - Digital Single - Deva Premal & Miten USD

All the Birds Fly Home (Live) - Digital Single

Feel the magic of Deva Premal & Miten's 2023 tour finale single!

All the Birds Fly Home

Experience the magic of Deva Premal & Miten's latest single, "All the Birds Fly Home." Recorded live during the final concert of the "Singing Our Prayers" European Tour 2023, this track is a beautiful testament to the love and unity shared by musicians and audience alike.

Composed by Prem Dipamo/Manu Bazzano, "All the Birds Fly Home" features the enchanting sounds of The Temple Band:

  • Joby Baker (bass, arbutar, vocals)
  • Spencer Cozens (piano, keyboards)
  • Miles Bould (drums, percussion)
  • Richard Moody (viola, violin, mandolin, vocals)

Key contributions:

  • Live sound by Med Rann
  • Stage sound by Kevan Snuggs
  • Stage lighting by Cyril Van Lierde
  • Tour management by Jackson Lapes
  • Driven by Justin "not-stopping" Fellows
  • Merch by FruitJi and Raniji

The track perfectly captures the wonderment of that night. Let "All the Birds Fly Home" transport you to a night of shared love and musical magic. Purchase your copy now and become a part of this extraordinary journey. Available for streaming and download through our webshop.