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OM Meditation - Digital Single

OM -The Cosmic Yes - is the most potent of sounds

OM Meditation


is the most potent of sounds. It is known as a bija mantra - a seed mantra. Just as the seed contains the full potential of the tree, so the mantra OM carries within it the flower of enlightenment.

It corresponds to the “third eye”, the energy centre where masculine and feminine energies merge into one. Many translations have been attempted but mostly, all have failed to come close to expressing its infinity. OM can only be experienced.


The sound OM actually consists of three sounds: A, U, and M. Each of these sounds has a deep significance that can best be experienced through a meditation technique which includes movement.

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. If you prefer to sit, make sure your back is straight. Open your arms wide to the sky. Take a deep inhalation and begin by making the sound AH. As you will notice, the sound is out-going. It comes straight from the heart and extends outward towards the universe. Probably the first human experience of God was accompanied by the sound AH – we hear it in the Christian “Amen”, in the Muslim “Allah”, in the Hebrew “Hallelujah”, etc.

From the AH-sound, let your lips move into the U-sound (oo), bringing your hands together in front of your spiritual heart centre (the centre of your chest) in the Namaste mudra. This mudra is symbolic of pure universal energy. The light that the AH generated is being funnelled through the U-sound into your physical body, into your day-to-day reality.

Finally let your lips morph into the MMM-sound which allows the divine light to settle inside. Witness its vibration deep in the belly. For this sound, the mudra is to rest your hands on your hara (or dantian), just below the navel, and to feel the sound vibration in your body, transforming sound into light, filling your physical plane of existence.

Make sure you begin with enough breath for all three sounds. You can adjust the pace of the movement accordingly. During the following inhalation, bring your arms up in a big sweeping movement on both sides of the body to be ready for the next exhalation with A U M. This inhalation between the mudras is as important as the sound itself. It is the recharging period that is needed to support the chant. In Sanskrit this state is called Turiya, which simply means “the fourth”, because any name or description would limit its nothingness.

When you have completed the meditation, settle into an extended period of chanting of OM—silently or using your voice—and sitting without movement. To conclude, lie down and absorb the vibrations that are now resonating in your body and in your spirit.

We recommend 7 cycles for the movement and a duration of at least 20 minutes for the whole meditation.

*“AUM means exactly what Zen people call ‘the sound of one hand clapping’. AUM is the innermost music of your being. When all the thoughts and desires and memories have gone, have disappeared, and the mind is absolutely quiet and silent, there is no noise inside, you start hearing a tremendously beautiful music which does not consist of any meaning. It is pure music without any meaning, gives you great joy, fills you with celebration, makes you dance. You would like to shout ‘Alleluia!’ But the music itself has no meaning; it is pure music, not polluted by any meaning." *

– Osho (I Am That – Ch. 1 – Beyond The Changing)