Satchidananda  / Awakening - Deva Premal & Miten GBP

Satchidananda / Awakening

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The beautiful song Satchidananda/Awakening by Deva Premal & Miten is the inspiration for the Unity Mala, and we are offering a free download as part of the project.

The Unity Mala is made from 108 Jerusalem Stone beads. They combine different symbols and frequencies which support the embodiment of unity & peace on our planet. Find details here:

we are awakening to the calling of the mystic we are awakening in the flowering of the heart everybody here melting into presence, overflowing effervescence rising in love

om shanti satchidananda om shanti om

we are awakening to a long forgotten memory dawn is breaking

waves are coming in everybody here standing in wonder beneath the rain and the thunder rising in love

we are awakening to this perfect imperfection celebrating in the oneness of it all everybody here part of each other sister and brother rising in love

Sat – truth Chid – consciousness Ananda – bliss